26 March 2011



double knitting yarn / 8ply
embroidery thread
small amount of stuffing
small piece of felt sewing thread
sequins, bows (optional) -DO NOT USE IF BUNNY IS FOR A SMALL CHILD
4 double pointed needles (3.00mm) /US size 2.5
tapestry needle and sewing needle
kitchen fork
k - knit
p - purl
sts - stitches
rpt - repeat
kfb - increase by knitting into the front and back of the same stitch
tog - together
yrn - yarn round needle
sl - slip
psso - pass slip stitch over
pwt - pull wool through
DRESS AND HEAD (three 3.00mm dpns) US size 2.5
Cast on 26 sts very loosely in coloured yarn.
Divide sts between three needles - 8 sts on the first needle, 8 sts on the second needle, 10 sts on the third needle.
Rd 1 : k.
Rd 2 : k.
Rd 3 : (yrn, k2tog) rpt to end of rd.
Rd 4 : k.
Rd 5 : k.
Rd 6 : p.
Rds 7 – 23 : k.
Rd 24 : (p2tog) rpt to end of rd (13sts).
Rd 25 : k.
change to white yarn.
Rd 26 : k5, kfb1, kfb1, k6 (15sts).
Rd 27 : k6, kfb1, kfb1, k7 (17sts).
Rd 28 : k7, kfb1, kfb1, k8 (19sts).
Rd 29 : k.
Rd 30 : k7, sl1, k1, psso, k1, k2tog, k7 (17sts).
Rd 31 : k.
Rd 32 : k6, sl1, k1, psso, k1, k2tog, k6 (15sts).
Rd 33 : k.
Rd 34 : k5, sl1, k1, psso, k1, k2tog, k5 (13sts).
Rd 35 : k.
pwt - leave opening loose - do not pull tight
To pull wool through – with a tapestry needle, thread the end yarn through the stitches on the three needles.
EARS (make 2) two 3.00mm needles US size 2.5
Cast on 5 sts. Leave a long yarn for sewing up.
Pull first stitch of every row tightly.
Row 1 : k1, p3, k1 (right side).
Row 2 : p1, k3, p1.
Row 3 : k1, p3, k1.
Row 4 : p1, k3, p1.
Row 5 : sl1, k1, psso, p1, k2tog (3sts).
Row 6 : p1, k1, p1.
Row 7 : sl1, k1, psso, return st on right hand needle back on the left hand needle, pass the last st over the returned stitch.
Fasten off.
ARMS (make 2) two 3.00mm needles US size 2.5
Cast on 4 sts in coloured yarn leave a long yarn for sewing up.
using icord technique knit 6 rows.
change to white wool and knit a further three rows.
To Assemble
Turn cast on edge inwards to wrong side and sew along hem with sewing thread.

Darn end yarns away on reverse side at head and neck. Also at arms except at the "shoulder" end.
With doubled sewing thread, sew running stitches around neck and pull tightly.
Embroider eyes and nose - place a piece of white felt behind "face" and use as a backing to embroider into.
Stuff head - do not overstuff. Pull yarn at the top of the head tightly - tie off and loose yarn in head.

For a tutorial on making perfect pompoms see the Delights - Gem blog
Make a pompom - a quick method is with a kitchen fork wind round yarn aprox 20 times.

Slip yarn through the middle of the fork prongs and tie very tightly.

Cut around the edge of the pompom and trim.

Attach, ears, arms and tail with end yarns.
Decorate with sequins bows etc.
copyright Alison Hogg 2011


  1. Anonymous28/3/11 16:35

    Oh these are just adorable, thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern.

  2. I hope you can find a use for it, Ali

  3. thanks so much for sharing this pattern is awesome my grandkids will love these

  4. These are gorgeous, thanks for sharing. Just need to get 4 done now before easter!

  5. Oh these were so cute :-)

  6. Anonymous6/4/11 22:29

    They are fab, thank you, Eileen

  7. Theese bunnies are beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing the pattern!
    =) Have a nice day!

  8. Thank you for the nice pattern. I could not stop after one so i made ten :) i did not knit the ears and arms the same way as in the pattern. Find it easier to knit the ears from the stitches from the head and i pick up 4 stitches from the purl round. Thanks again. Hugs from Ellinor :)

  9. Good idea about the ears and arms........wish I had thought about that, Ali

  10. Hi Crazy Dazy!

    Thank you so much for submitting this beautiful pattern to our website. It is so cute! we really appreciate it!

    Here is a link to it: http://www.knitting-bee.com/free-knitting-patterns/amigurumi/easter-bunny-cosy

  11. Anonymous15/4/11 15:56

    I made one bunny, loved how it was so easy to make. Will have to make more for friends and family perhaps. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Have a fantastic day!!

  12. Anonymous9/7/11 17:42

    What a cute pattern - thank you for making available. I know some 'big' girls who would like this pattern knitted for them. Sorry about the Anonymous - couldn't work out how to do it.

  13. How do we print out the pattern without having to print all the comments? It wastes a lot of paper. I like to read them but not print them out.

  14. hi karen, you can highlight which text you want, then click copy and past onto microsoft word...its a but fiddley. Any problems, send me your email address and I can send you the pattern, best wishes, alison

  15. Anonymous10/1/12 17:26

    thank you for lovely easter bunny pattern. last year I made 200 easter chicks with creme eggs for the charity SENSE as my grand-daughter is deaf/blind. I raised £300 for them. Needless to say I am so pleased to see a rabbit pattern - a welcome change from chicks! I will make some for my grand-daughters special needs school.
    Lovely of you to share this pattern.
    Happy New Year

  16. Anonymous13/2/12 20:13

    I love the Little Easter Bunnies,
    Ive just finished knitting one, only have one problem mine turned out all knit and looking at the picture its stocking stitch am i doing something wrong im usually ok with patterns its no problem as i can adjust easy enough, Thanks for sharing pattern not seen one like this before :) Barbara

  17. BARBARA, I wonder if you are knitting the pattern flat with two needles. The pattern is for dpns so rds 7-23 are all knit and will turn out like stocking stitch. if you are knitting with two needles you would need to convert and adapt the pattern...hope this helps, ali

  18. Anonymous13/2/12 21:15

    yes I just realized, I was on straight needles lol Ive adjusted for it now on my second bunny now
    thanks for quick reply :) Barbara

  19. Hi Barbara, Is the rest of the pattern working out ok with the two needles? ali

  20. Anonymous16/2/12 12:57

    Beautiful Designs, thank you. I have added a link at www.knittingpatterndesigns.com.


  21. Anonymous30/3/12 10:41

    I have knitted this and shared my photo and added a link to your pattern/site on Facebook. Is it ok that I also share my translation to norwegian as a comment so I can help those who don`n understand the english pattern?

  22. Hi Aina, Yes tha is fine to share the translated version, thanks for asking me.
    Can you send me a link to your photo.
    Thanks and have a nice easter,

  23. Thanks for the fab pattern. I had to make mine flat but it worked out really well. Just about to start bunny #2! Have linked back on facebook.

  24. Anonymous30/9/12 08:26

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  25. I am not doing very well with this ! and I really want to make one! I think its the yarn round needle bit. I am knitting on a circular needle and doing magic loop as I can't manage three pins. Any tips/help anyone I would be really grateful!

    1. Hi Kim, to be honest I dont do magic loop so cant be of any help, sorry about that, ali

  26. I have knitted a lovely bunny lady and would like to post it on my blog with reference to your pattern. Would you please give me permission to do so?

    1. Hi, Yes certainly post it on your blog, thank you for asking. Id love to see a photo of your bunny,
      Best wishes, ali

    2. Thank you! http://haekelmonster.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/lovely-egg-cozy/ I hope you like her!

  27. Thank you for lovely easter bunny pattern:)

  28. Anonymous10/4/13 10:08

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  29. Anonymous10/4/13 10:09

    Do you have a photo of the completed bunny you could post, I like to have an image of what the completed should look like

    1. There is photo (front view) at the start of the pattern and a photo rear view at the end of the pattern, ali

  30. Hi I would just like to tell you that I've just adjusted the rabbit pattern for the ageuk innocent bottles. Even if I say so myself they look great. Thank you for the idea

    1. Sue, what a great idea, Id love to see a photo of that, ali

  31. Hi Ali I've just completed another six along with a penguin but how do I upload a picture onto your blog

    1. hi sue, it would be great if you could send it to my email address - alisonjhogg@yahoo.co.uk id love to see them, ali

  32. Adorable. A must make. Thank you.

  33. Thanks Karin, I'd love to hear how you get on with the pattern

  34. I'm confused about the dress and head section when it says to decrease by knitting two together and then purling two together. If I begin with 26 stitches, if I decrease once I will have 13 stitches. But if I decrease twice, won't I have 6.5?

  35. Hi Jennifer, On Rd 3 the instructions are (yrn, K2tog) the yarn round needle (yrn) adds a stitch. Hope this helps.

  36. So cute! I'm knitting two...one each for my grand daughters. Thank you. xox

  37. Anonymous21/3/14 16:37

    I have been looking for something beautiful to make my nieces for Easter :) I'm so lucky to have run into this pattern! GORGEOUS!!!!

  38. Anonymous14/4/14 19:18

    These look lovely. Thank you

  39. Anonymous15/4/14 17:42

    Good pattern. I did not knit in the round. I made a bride by using coloured wool for hands and face and white for the dress, then added a bit of net and a posy.

  40. I love these for Easter, the Christmas tree, and to give as gifts on a Christmas or Easter card.
    These also are great gifts to give teachers to wear with a pin.
    Soo cute!


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