26 February 2009

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I'm a noob to blogging, so please be patient with me while I get things up and running.
Whats my blog about? A wee bit of knitting, and a wee bit about me. The Knitting I like small projects especially "wee buns" as they are called in Norn Iron. I'm often seen with my nose pressed up against the window of the home bakery looking for inspiration. Here's one of my cupcake creations, which can be used as a pincushion or just for display.This particular knit and the pattern is for sale in my etsy shop.

The Knitter Knitting for me is a great stress buster. When focusing on the next stitch all worries past and present are forgotten. I also make up patterns to work out the brain. Living in an all male household, I have few opportunities to talk knitting. When I show off a new project, they can hardly conceal a yawn now. Thus the blog, Ill be able to discuss my knits and share a few of my ideas. Hopefully too I will have some feedback from people who are passionate about knitting.
What else do I enjoy, well I get much pleasure for my garden and at the moment it's starting to spring into action (pardon the pun). Spring sprung for a couple of hours this morning so I rushed out to take a few photos. I thought the tete a tete and polyanthus looked very cheery.

I adore anything "vintage" as they say on ebay. To satisfy this I'm always in and out of the charity shops. Here's a wee bear I found recently in a charity shop and had to give a good home to. This pattern dates back to the World War 2 era but is available to buy online for the Mother Bear project

My chaotic stash of fabric and wool is ever expanding and is gradually taking over the whole house. I collect Liberty of London fabric, old rayon damask tablecloths and anything really. All stashed away for future projects. I do a bit of sewing too .......so many projects so little time, my heads stuffed with knitting and sewing to dos.
At the moment I'm working on a new knitting pattern. I believe in making an in depth study in real life. Here's a sneak preview of what I'm working on.

5 mins later ...........

Oh well, looks like I'll have to work from memory. Does anyone know if Fondant Fancies and Iced Diamonds are just a UK delicacy or are they found worldwide?.
I hope to update my blog at least every month. Next time I'd like to show you an idea I had for the tube which knits up from a knitting Nancy. So call back and have a look to see what you think.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. See you soon. Ali


Id love to hear what you think about my blog, knits etc.