26 January 2014

stitch samples

Some days I do miss the discipline of working towards the City and Guild qualification and other days I'm glad it's all over. This year I decided to do a leisure class in embroidery and I have been trying to brush up my hand embroidery skills. I thought you might like to see some of the samples, I've stitched so far.
Here's one with chain stitch, herringbone and a few french knots sprinkled in. The background fabric was dampened and then painted using the Koh-I-Noor palatte

In this sample I was trying out needle weaving.

I covered a curtain ring using buttonhole stitch, this would be nice added to any sewing piece or the starting point for a jewellery project.

This is my favourite sample, a stab stitch and french knot daisy.

Have a great week, Ali.

19 January 2014


I do like a good rummage around the charity shops...I get quite excited as you never know what is going to be found. Yesterday I came away with what I call treasures. The first is a vintage wooden spool of variegated green thread, probably rayon.

Then I found some metal hooks and eyes from the sixties. I do like the royal seal of approval !

In another shop I found a necklace, someone had made it out of blue buttons.

I thought I would buy it and cut it up to use the buttons in sewing projects, but I think its too pretty to do that and it makes a nice bracelet.
Total cost less than £2.50, wonder what I'll find next week.
Bye, Ali.


3 January 2014

out with the old and in with the new

I'm a bit late doing my New Year Post, but better late than never!
Very windy, wet and cold here, so it's nice to have a full log basket to toast the tootsies.

But it's out with the old....winter, and in with the new........"pre-spring" and I have Vivienne from Green Rabbit Designs to thank for this new season.

And it's out with the old.....all the Christmas trappings, but I'm still holding on to my Christmas posy. A lovely gift with brightly coloured, summery flowers.


And out with the old knitting projects.....I've finished with sock knitting for a while and in with a new knitting project just for me. I'm using lovely Drops Lima wool from The Textile Studio.

I'm also working on a new freebie pattern, which will hopefully be posted soon.

Best wishes for the brand new 2014, Ali.