3 January 2014

out with the old and in with the new

I'm a bit late doing my New Year Post, but better late than never!
Very windy, wet and cold here, so it's nice to have a full log basket to toast the tootsies.

But it's out with the old....winter, and in with the new........"pre-spring" and I have Vivienne from Green Rabbit Designs to thank for this new season.

And it's out with the old.....all the Christmas trappings, but I'm still holding on to my Christmas posy. A lovely gift with brightly coloured, summery flowers.


And out with the old knitting projects.....I've finished with sock knitting for a while and in with a new knitting project just for me. I'm using lovely Drops Lima wool from The Textile Studio.

I'm also working on a new freebie pattern, which will hopefully be posted soon.

Best wishes for the brand new 2014, Ali.


  1. So glad you've adopted pre-spring Ali, one month of winter is enough for anyone! :)
    I love Lima, such a lovely yarn to work with, looking forward to seeing your new project!
    V xxx

  2. happy new year, or pre spring Ali, I like that phrase of pre spring too! Your fire looks very cosy, just the thing for this weekend.

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family Ali!..I hope you have a wonderful and creative year ahead. Yes, Vivienne has given me a push to start taking the Xmas decorations down...I'm liking the pre- spring outlook too :-)...Love your pics...
    Susan x

  4. Pre - Spring - what an inspired idea! Looking forward to seeing your new project...Love your beautiful posy and fabulously cosy fire.
    Happy New Year Ali and looking forward to fun things to come!
    Ali x

  5. Nice photos, Ali. Happy New Year!


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