19 January 2014


I do like a good rummage around the charity shops...I get quite excited as you never know what is going to be found. Yesterday I came away with what I call treasures. The first is a vintage wooden spool of variegated green thread, probably rayon.

Then I found some metal hooks and eyes from the sixties. I do like the royal seal of approval !

In another shop I found a necklace, someone had made it out of blue buttons.

I thought I would buy it and cut it up to use the buttons in sewing projects, but I think its too pretty to do that and it makes a nice bracelet.
Total cost less than £2.50, wonder what I'll find next week.
Bye, Ali.



  1. Treasures indeed Ali, I do love old wooden spools!
    V xxx

  2. How fabulous Ali - like you, I do like a good rummage! Its amazing what little gems you find..that others no longer need!
    What cool colours on the spool! Looking forward to next week's crop!
    Ali x

  3. That spool is so pretty, I'd display it like a mini sculpture! Chrissie x

  4. Lovely treasures. Some days you get great stuff and others zilch. . X

  5. Well done indeed Ali on your lovely finds!
    Susan x

  6. You found some lovely things, Ali! I always love to find old haberdashery items too, and your button necklace makes such a lovely bracelet.
    Helen x


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