6 June 2009

summer sun

I took advantage of the amazing weather last week, packed my bag and headed where most tourists head in Northern Ireland - North Antrim Coast. I always have to visit Whitepark Bay when I go up there, which I think is the best beach on the planet....well OK maybe I'm a bit biased. Its worth the walk down the windy lane, where you even meet the occasionally cow...........
reflections of Portbradden
I very nice afternoon was spent on the beach soaking up a few solar rays!

Whitepark Bay

When I was there I swapped the knitting needles for a paint brush - I'm too shy or more embarrassed to post my attempts. In Coleraine I visited the art shop G.E. Kees, to buy a few sketch books. Its so rare these days to find a specialist shop such as this and the building is so paintable itself........

Bridge Street

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