6 July 2009

40 shades of green

Feeling a bit stressed out yesterday I went for a walk in the local forest park. It is a lovely place for a walk, cool on a hot day and sheltered on a wet day. All the greenery lowered my blood pressure no end.
Belvoir Forest park

Green has to be my least favourite colour....as a child I used to give my green fruit pastilles to the dog!.... but it is supposed to be calming and relaxing...it has to be true, as to chill out on a sunny day I need to sit in the garden and knit away my thoughts and worries.
Here's a few photos of some plants in the garden....they were chosen as much for the colour of their foliage as their flowers. Here's a blue geranium with purple, almost black leaves.

This plant, Ive always known it called Lambs Ear plant, has the most beautiful silver furry leaves.....

Bye, Ali

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