24 October 2009

log cabin block

Week 4 City and Guild course was all about strip patchwork. I thought I knew a wee bit about patchwork, but I now realise that what I know couldn't be written on the back of a postage stamp! I really enjoyed the Log Cabin Block. We learnt how the centre of the Log Cabin block is traditionally red, to represent the fire or the hearth. The strips represent the logs used in the construction of the cabin. These strips are traditional contrasting light and dark - the light ones being the side of the cabin with the windows and the dark strips being the solid side of the cabin. I found a good guide for Log cabin blocks - just click here. Why oh why did I choose ginghams and checks for this particular sample!!

I also did a sample of crazy patchwork - I love this type of haphazard piecing where exact and precise measurement is not top priority. The central picture is one of relatives on my fraternal grandmothers side.
I was able to buy cotton fabric which could be put through the printer. To get a sepia toned fabric - I dyed some cotton fabric in a tea solution...great fun to make.
Bye, Ali

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