7 December 2009

patchwork obsession

At the moment everyone in the city and guild class are designing one of their final pieces. So we are all looking for inspiration. As for me, patchwork designs are becoming a bit of an obsession....everywhere I look I see blocks and patterns. Ive taking photos of just a few......
The Ohio Star seen in tiles on the floor of Donegall Arcade Belfast.

Half Square Triangles on an estate agents board.

And even the tattooist windows is displaying the Leymoyne star.
I'm even beginning to dream about sewing!!!!!!!
bye Ali

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  1. ;-)))) It gets worse...you will never see quilts the same way again. Every quilt you see, you will be tearing it apart in your mind, working our how it was done.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year


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