27 January 2011


Another week another season.....I've finished Autumn now. I've included a hydrangea in Autumn and I know it is really a summer flower, but the flowerheads last much longer than the summer months and the ones in my garden turn a really deep burgundy colour. The yellow leaves are inspired by my neighbours plum tree, which overhangs our garden and the leaves turn a bright yellow colour in Autumn.
I'm whizzing through the year rightly........look out for Winter.
Bye, Ali


  1. Hi Ali, love what you're up to . The carnations are fab too. Be back to see the other seasons.
    Anne x

  2. thanks Anne, Ill be posting Winter soon, Ali

  3. wow, my first time on 'blogspot', and i stumbled across your beatuiful work. How did you make the lovely flower at the bottom left of the design?

  4. Thanks Anna, the hydrangea was quite time consuming. The petals are a sandwich of organza
    bondaweb and polycotton. I free machined the petals and then cut them out in groups of three.
    I then sewed them onto a stuffed suffolk puff.
    All the 3d flowers are made with the fabric sandwich, Ali


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