15 October 2011

felted bowls

The city and guilds classes have well and truly started. I'm doing felting this year. As I haven't done much actual wet felting I'm easing myself in gently with a bit of knitted felting. I liked the idea of the felted nesting bowls in the Alice Thelma blog. My theme for this year is the solar system, so I tried to make the bowls planet like. I knitted angelica into the black felting wool to add a bit of sparkle. When I washed the bowls in the washing machine, the black must have ran making the nice bright yellow and orange colour a bit muddy.....should have used a colour catcher in the wash. Ah well you learn by your mistakes.
It was a good pattern, the bowls fitted exactly inside one another.

bye, ali


  1. Fab! You'll really enjoy wet felting, it's such fun.

  2. Your bowls look grear. I would love to have ago at felting!! Maybe one day.....xx


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