20 July 2012

titanic pall

titanic pall
I have lived in Belfast all of my life and have only been to St. Anne's Cathedral once. Today, I went especially to see the embroidered Titanic funeral pall. It is truly beautiful. The background is merino felt which has been indigo dyed and represents the deep  midnight ocean.
The large central cross is made up of small embroidered crosses and there are more crosses towards the edge. It is bound with velvet.

On close examination you can see abstract gold crosses, Star of Davids and crescents. There are 1,517 of these which represent the number of people who lost their lives in the disaster.

It was made by Helen O'Hare and Wilma Kirpatrick, from the University of Ulster. Despite its function I didn't find it morbid, but a beautiful piece of art.

The cathedral itself has amazing stained glass windows, the new spire and mosaics. This one depicts earth, water and fire.

I lit a candle on the way out and must confess to saying a wee prayer even though I'm not particularly religious.

Bye for now, Ali

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  1. I'd love if I could use one of your photos for my website: daytripsireland.com as I don't think I'll get a chance to stop by the Cathedral. Also hoping to see your tea cozy in the competition! Thanks, did not know about this. info@daytripsireland.com


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