17 February 2013

andy warhol

The Andy Warhol exhibition has arrived in Belfast and can be seen at the MAC, St Anne's Square.

There is a selection of 232 of his works, spanning his entire career. Here's a snippet of the exhibition.......
Self portrait Strangulation (1978)

Silk screen poster.

Silver clouds (1966) - Helium filled metallised plastic film. This piece was my favourite it looked like floating pillows.
The exhibition is on until the 28th April so plenty of time to go and see it, I'll probably make a return visit.
Bye, Ali



  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing it Ali, it sounds great!
    V xxx

  2. This looks very interesting. I can't believe how amazing your photos have been in your blog lately. Do you fiddle on photoshop or something. They are soooooo good.


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