19 March 2013

painted dolly pegs

what you need

wooden dolly pegs
acrylic paints
clear gloss varnish
string or ribbon

how to
  • Sand the pegs to smooth any rough or uneven surfaces. If the sanding has caused a lot of dust, wipe the pegs with a cloth dipped in white spirit.
  • Paint the background colour with acrylic paint. Paint the inside and bottom part of the peg first, leave to dry then paint the top part. Several thin coats are better than one thick coat. Acrylic paint dries quickly so no need to wait a long time between coats.
  • Once the inside of the peg is painted and dry the pegs can be supported on a shoe box.
  • Paint a pattern of your choice on the pegs such as flowers, spots
  • Once dry varnish pegs. I used yacht varnish which I found in the garage. It took 24 hours to dry and brushes had to be cleaned in white spirits.
  • Tie pegs in a pretty ribbon or string.
  • If you have problems keeping the pegs in place while tying the ribbon, use and elastic band and then tie the ribbons on top
    I'm not sure it would be a good idea to hang your best silk blouse with these pegs but they look pretty.
    embroidered peg bag bought in the Cath Kidston shop



  1. You're right Ali they do look pretty, in fact too pretty to hang up any washing with. They're the sort of thing photo shoots are made off! :)
    Love them!
    V xxx

  2. Very pretty Ali- would brighten any washing line - but I think I'd keep them for something special - or a rainy day!!
    Ali x

  3. Anonymous19/3/13 23:09

    Too nice and pretty to use...LOL

  4. These are lovely. They would be lovely on an indoor clothes line in a girls room to peg up drawings and pictures.

    1. Hi Angela, Thanks for your comment and idea, maybe a bit too twee for you.....hope all is well, ali

  5. They are nice and I like Angela's idea. Or could you use them somehow when it comes to the time for displaying your C&G stuff. Peg up your felt samples?

    1. thats a great idea as well, thanks for that, ali


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