1 May 2014

wedding anniversary

I don't tend to write personal stuff on my blog, but I'm making an exception, as today is my silver wedding anniversary.
As a personal celebration I headed down town to the City Hall for a revisit. Such a grey miserable day......
but inside the dome was as splendid as ever............

here's me looking a bit embarrassed taking a sneaky selfie.....

and the stained class window on the landing half way up the stairs with Belfast coat of arms. I wonder how many brides have stood on these stairs, over the years, posing for the obligatory photo!

Of course I feel I must include a snap of the "happy couple" all those years ago. Who were those two people, barely recognizable now.....

Back on with something crafty soon, Ali.


  1. Congratulations. Wonderful photos. It's our Silver Wedding Anniversary next year. Are you doing anything special to celebrate?

  2. Awe Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Ali to you and your hubby! Many , many congratulations. :)
    V xxx

  3. happy anniversary to you both and you haven't changed a bit!

  4. OOh Congratulations Ali!
    I recognise that style of wedding dress - from lots of friends special days!
    Cool selfie!
    Ali x

  5. Happy Anniversary. Parcel's on it's way.
    Jacqui x

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both Ali...such a special milestone! ♥
    Susan x

  7. Many congratulations! My brother got married there too but that was a mere 10 yrs ago. I just adore your sleeves - did you make your wedding dress?

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Ali! Lovely to see your pictures!
    Helen xx


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