29 September 2014

tea cosy competition

Yesterday was St Georges Annual Tea Cosy Competition. It has been on going for three years now. 
This years charity was N.I. Children's Hospice and after the judging the cosies are auctioned off.
Here's a photo showing about half of the cosies, some real amazing ones.

One of my favourites was this felted one, I think it was needlefelted and was a work of art.

Loved this one, maybe as it reminded me of myself sitting on the knitting chair.

Suppose you are wondering who won, well my cosy did, thanks to "the peoples choice", so thanks to all the folk who voted for it.
This year I did an Autumn theme....

I didn't have time to futter about designing, so I used some other people's patterns. .....
The tea cosy was a variation of Pamela Henderson's Broken Rib Tea Cosy, available free, click here.
The oak leaves were a great pattern by Frankie Brown, also free, click here.
The hedgehog was a lovely wee pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits, click here.
The squirrel was a dotpebbles pattern.
The flat leaves at the base of the cosy is one of my patterns, available on this blog click here.
The acorns is another of my patterns, which I'll be posting on the blog sometime soon.
Bye for now, Ali.


  1. Congratulations, well done, your cosy is fabulous. I do like that needlefelted one too.

  2. Awe well done Ali, it's brilliant, many congratulations and well deserved! :)
    V x

  3. Awesome Autumn Ali! Love all your details especially your colourful acorns!
    Congratulations on being top of the people's poll - that's a win each year...tea-mendous!!
    Ali x

  4. well done you, a brilliant people's choice. It doesn't seem a year since I first read your blog and you were entering and winning last year!! love the little squirrel

  5. Anonymous8/10/14 12:16

    Congrats, Well done Lady...proud of you.

  6. Ooh, congratulations on your win - it's a fab tea cosy! :) x


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