23 January 2015

super bulky yarn

I was just experimenting a bit this week and wanted to share two ideas for making your own super bulky yarn. 
The first is to make a knitted cord first, either i-cord or using a knitting nancy. I used double knit /8ply yarn and a knitting nancy.

Once I had made my ball of yarn, I knitted a small sample, in the usual way with 10mm / US 15 needles. You could use larger thicker needles though, for a looser effect.

Another method of making super bulky yarn and a way which would also be a great stash buster is to knit several strands together.
For this I used four strands, two double knit / 8ply and two aran / 10ply weight. You could experiment with different weights and colours.

To knit I used 12mm / US 17 needles, but again a thicker needle could be used. The photos don't really show the bulkiness, I should have included something to show the scale like a coin or a tape measure. I love the way the colours turned out and really like the texture of the wrong side of the work.

There are lots of projects you could use the super bulky yarn for, cowls, berets or even one of the knitted pouffes which are very fashionable these days. I think this is definitely something I will play with  more in the future.

Have a great weekend, Ali.


  1. I love all the shades together, such a lovely surprise when it's knitted up!
    V x

  2. Love this idea, I have a knitting dolly and never know what to use it for, I'm definitely making some chunky yarn! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Great ideas. I like all the different colours knitted together, it gives a wonderful effect.

  4. Great ideas Ali - love the multicolours - and anything that grows fast!!
    Fab idea about the knitting nancy too!
    Ali x

  5. I went to brownie camp near Dunluce Castle in the late 70's and we had a knitting nancy competition. Whoever made the longest won. But we were using old spools with little nails on the top as the nancy.

  6. A knitting nancy, there's a memory dredged up from long ago! I used to make miles and miles of the stuff.


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