13 February 2015

crochet hearts

Crochet does not come naturally to me and I just do the odd project now and then. Instead of work flowing I am all jerky and awkward. However, I saw a pattern By Juliette Peterson on Ravelry for crocheted hearts and thought I would like to have a go. The pattern is however in US crochet terms so I have "translated" into UK crochet stitches. For more details of the original pattern and also the copyright click here. I used dk/8ply cotton from my stash and a 4.5mm hook for my hearts.

     Heart Applique by Juliette Peterson
Uk Terminology

st(s): stitch(es)
rd: round
sl st: slip stitch
ch: chain
dc: double crochet
htr: half treble
tr: treble
dtr: double treble 

Work 4 ch, sl st into first st, to form ring.

In Rd 1 one bump of the heart is worked, then the tip of the heart and then the second bump. 
Stitches have to be pushed while working into the ring in Rd 1 so there is enough room to accommodate all stitches. 

Rd 1: Worked into ring.
dc, htr, tr, 2dtr, tr, htr, 2dc, htr, 2dtr, htr, 2dc, htr, tr, 2dtr, tr, htr, dc, sl st.
Do not turn work.

Rd 2: dc into next 2 sts, htr into next 2 sts, dc into next 13 sts, htr into next 2 sts, dc into next st and sl st into last st.

That's enough crocheting for now, the hook has been tidied away, but at least I have another crochet project under my belt
Till next time, Ali.


  1. They're lovely Ali! I actually have my hook in my hand at this very moment!
    Happy valentines weekend,
    V x

  2. These are very sweet! Well done, I've yet to master crochet!

  3. I struggle to crochet too, I can manage a simple granny square but there is so much left to make! Lovely hearts x

  4. Very pretty and just in time for Valentine's Day.

  5. Your crochet hearts look fabulous - very professional. I haven't crocheted for a while, but started a big new blanket project a week or so ago. Every row seems to be taking me forever, I'm not a smooth crocheter, either!

    1. hi caroline, good luck with your blanket......are you more of a knitter?

  6. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I have enjoyed a read around here too. I like your tutorials. Jo from Three Stories High.


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