13 March 2015

knitting mill

I do like a bit of i-cord either done on two double pointed needles or on my knitting nancy. I've seen i-cord machines and thought I would like to have a go in case I ever needed to make vast amounts of knitted cord. So with labour saving in mind I ordered my Prym Knitting Mill online.

After reading the instructions several times I had a go........then another go..............then another go. I don't know what I have been doing wrong but I ended up with more knots and tangles than cord.
Even after a cuppa and a few chocolate bickies and then a recap of the instructions I still could not get it to work. Aaaaaaaarrgggh!

If anyone has any tips or hints or think they know where I'm going wrong I'd love to hear, but in the meantime I'll be using the tried and trusted methods and I find the repetition of these techniques very therapeutic.
Thanks for stopping to read my blog, Ali.


  1. Sorry Ali, no good advice I'm afraid! I have one of those somewhere in the house, I never ever got it to work correctly!! :(
    V x

  2. What a shame the technological approach is not as simple as it seemed!
    There's still hope that someone knows the knack!
    Some gadgets are disappointing, then others are awesome!
    Glad you enjoy the therapeutic rhythm of the lower tech method!
    Ali x

  3. love the mug! hate gadgets though I do seem to buy rather a lot I never quite master them. have you tried you tube? the videos have helped me with several bee blocks I have found difficult.

  4. Oh no, sorry I have no advice but hope you get it working soon!

  5. I don't know why they think they can improve on the tried and tested methods, they always seem to end up more hassle than they're worth. Hope you manage to get it to work.


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