12 August 2015

a bit of sewing

This is my sons last year at secondary school and hopefully he will be going to uni next year. To mark this milestone I decided to make him something. I did a bit of up cycling using his old blazer, old tie and PE kits, which I've kept over the years. Had to blow the dust off the sewing machine it's been so long since I've given it a whirl. I pieced together bits of the uniform and ended up with a cushion I even inserted a zip on the reverse side. Here it is.......

A wee memento of his seven years spent at Inst, Im not sure if he will appreciate my efforts but I had great fun sewing it, must do more sewing.
Good luck to anyone who is waiting for their exam results tomorrow, or later in the month.
Till next time, Ali.


  1. That's clever. My not so clever daughter dumped her blazer in a bin at the local park and a well-meaning person handed it in to the local police station! The police phoned her school in case she had gone missing. We had to go along to the police station and apologise. A cushion would have been a much better idea!

  2. What a brilliant idea and I reckon that even if he doesn't appreciate your efforts at the minute, he will in the future.
    Best wishes for tomorrow, I have to be honest I'm glad its not me, we had six years in a row of the 'waiting for the results', just as my son finished, my daughter began!!
    I'm sure his results will be brilliant!!
    V x

  3. What a wonderful way to remember!
    I've been saving fave T shirts....but the sewing skills elude me. maybe I'll have learned by the time I get round to it!!
    Ali x

  4. first, good luck with the exam results, I'm sure they will go well. That's a great idea, we still have 3 BRA blazers, and possibly hockey shirts in the roofspace. Mind you, I was always going to make my wedding dress into cushions. Now I perish the though of frilly lace cushions!

  5. We're in the same boat!
    Lovely idea for a memento (I bet there's be some RBAI mums who'd commission this).

  6. Well, Ali, what a great idea. My husband and 3 sons are all past Inst boys. I would have to make a set!


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