27 September 2016

new pattern in the making

I can't believe I havent blogged since the end of July....tempus fugit!.....and that's about the only school Latin I can remember. I have a lot of catching up to do as well, reading other blog posts. I am enjoying posting photos on Instagram and looking at other peoples photos too. Look me up if you get a minute, under crazydazyknits.

At present I'm working on a new food pattern. The pattern consists of a hamburger, complete with trimmings, a hot dog and chips. I feel hungry at the thought of it.

Just going through the pattern at the moment, have to take some photos and then will be looking for test knitters. 

In an attempt to be more organised I have been using yarn pegs to decide colours. I have so many Stylecraft Special dk balls and unfortunately its easy to loose the labels.

One more thing if you live in the vicinity of Belfast and haven't been to the David Hockney exhibition, I Draw, I Do at the Mac, you should go along. It's on until mid October. There is a great range of his work from the fifties until present day. 
I suppose he is best known for his swimming pool paintings and there is one of those on display....

And then more recent ones, which have been drawn on an ipad....

Well better catch up with a few of my favourite blogs now, Till next time, Ali.


  1. I think most people have migrated from blogging to IG.
    I love your knitted food Ali, just brilliant!

  2. Love your food Ali it looks yummy found you on IG :) x

  3. Been following your progress on Instagram. The food looks amazing, I especially love the Hamburger. x

  4. MMM what a delicious post Ali - such fabulously tempting ideas!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your menu.....love the deserts and cakes you already serve!
    I do pop over to IG, but haven't dragged myself technology wise up to date - so just look at the mo!
    Ali x

  5. Your food goes look delicious . Ig is great , but blogging is still very much a focus of mine . I feel ig complements the blogs but doesn't really supersede . I lived the Hockney self portrait on newspaper

  6. Looks perfect! My Grand daughter and Grandson would love this to add to the menu in their kitchen ☺


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