17 January 2018

snuffle mat

My new years resolution should have been, post more regularly on my blog. Well here goes, I'm following the dog Santa hat with another dog related craft. This time its a snuffle mat, made from fleece strips and and rubber doormat with holes.
Obo likes to "help" and here he is assisting me sort out the fabric....

I used to love working on the floor but this is no longer and option. The making of the snuffle mat couldn't be easier no sewing required and I followed a tutorial on you tube, for the link click here.
I cut the fleece into strips of 2.5inches by 10inches approximately.

I threaded the strips through adjacent holes along the first row and then diagonally on the second row. All you do is thread them through and knot, easy peasy, its all in the tutorial.

The reverse side shows this more clearly...

Voila my finished snuffle mat.....looks like a bit of modern art....

Our pup is a very food orientated dog and I know it will keep him busy, here we have him in action, snuffling.....

Now while he's occupied tonight, Ill be able to watch "A Stitch in Time" in peace, Great programme on BBC4.
It goes without saying that all play should be supervised!
Hopefully wont be long till I post again, Ali,

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