5 July 2011

soooooo cute

At the moment I am writing up a pattern for a knitted cat. However progress is very slow and my enthusiasm has waned somewhat. For a wee break I knitted up some baby bunnies, a pattern by Laura Long, which is in her book Knitted Toy Tales. They book is absolutely delightful and I like the way she uses fabric. Sometimes its nice just to follow someone elses pattern and interesting to see how they do things.


  1. oh my gosh, I love these! They are so adorable! Will you be posting the knitting cat pattern, as I have been looking for one!

  2. Hi Sam, Thanks, you can also knit a mummy bunny.
    The knitted cat pattern wont be a freebie as I have spent so much time on it and will be available in my etsy/folksy shop, Alison

  3. I love your little bunnies. Well done.
    Laura Long x

  4. Aaah.... I have this book and I meant to knit the bunnies. I started with the chenille type wool, but I think as a beginner it was too much for me and I gave up. I should try again.

  5. hi Wendy, sometimes that sortoff wool can be hard to knit as you cant see the stitches very well. I just used acrylic double knit and used a smaller needle size than it said in the pattern, so the stuffing wouldnt show threw, best wishes, Alison


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