30 September 2012


In the last post I was struggling with the Annis Shawl. After what seems a lifetime I have eventually finished it. Once the outer lace edge was knit, the rest of the shawl knitted up quite quickly. I was a bit timorous about blocking it and just gently pulled it and pinned it and then sprayed it with water. So my shawl is not as large as the one in the pattern. I must say I feel a sense of achievement at finishing as I nearly gave up a few times during the early stages. Here's a few photos of the finished shawl.

 close up of the lace edge
I used beads instead of knitting the nupps which made progress quicker

On with the next project now.
Bye, Ali.


  1. It is so beautiful Ali. Do you wear the triangle to the front, around the neck?

    1. it maybe looks better from a distance, on closer examination there might be a few errors!......dont think the sides are long enough to have the triangle at the front

  2. Anonymous1/10/12 00:24

    Well done! I commend your tenacity and patience...


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