16 September 2012

tea cosy day

Today was the final of the tea cosy competition. There were some amazing ones, all beautifully displayed.

Here's some which caught my eye.....
"Pansy" - loved the colours in this one.

"Titanic Quarter" - I liked the way the cable stitch was used to represent the water.

The winning entry was an amazing Mad Hatters Tea Party one. I was more than pleased to win the Funniest Tea Cosy as the standard was very high, All the cosies were auctioned off for the Help the Aged charity.
Bye, Ali.


  1. Congratulations Ali - I love your Ulster Fry..such a clever idea and obviously has BEAN popular with the judges!
    Ali x

  2. thanks ali, it was great fun to take part in, alison

  3. Anonymous17/9/12 13:19

    Congrats again Lady...very proud of you. I am soo happy for you..well done!

  4. Well done on your win Ali. I love your pictures, really bright and colourful. You knitters are a bit mad don't you think!?

  5. thanks angela, yes indeed absolutely crazy!

  6. Congratulations on your win! what a fab competition!


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