22 January 2013

new needles

Earlier this month, I made a major investment, in the form of new knitting needles. My old bent dpns have come mostly from charity shops. These new ones are made from carbon fibre, they are very light and are supposed to be very strong. I am very tight knitter and with these, the stitches glide easily from needle to the other needle. They look and feel lovely....

The brand is "Knitpro Karbonz" and I bought them online from the Wool Stack. 

The only downside with the needles is they put pressure on the index finger of the left hand when knitting, but I'm sure I'll get used to that.

This is definitely sitting in knitting weather, pockets of Northern Ireland got a lot of snow last night and of course it was us, on the edge of the Castlereagh Hills.  So have to post some snowy pictures.....

and a glimmer of hope.....some daffodils bravely poking out from under the snow.

Take care and keep warm, Ali


  1. You got more snow than us Ali, I had hoped it was going to give us a miss but no, almost all gone now , thankfully.
    Love the look of those new needles. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Great photos! I love spotting new signs of life emerging from the ice and snow x

  3. Love the trousers tucked into the socks Ali

    1. haha, the height of satorial elegance!

  4. Anonymous23/1/13 19:17

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I'm glad you liked what I did with your pattern. I enjoyed knitting the bunnies up. Your Splatterdash mittens are beautiful, I can feel a new knitting project coming on :-)

  5. Lovely new needles, I haven't tried those. Love the flowers and shoots in the snow :)
    Have a happy week and keep cosy!
    Helen x

  6. Love your blog...and I am on a knitter but your needles look amazing...stay cozy in all that snow...we have only had rain, rain, rain!
    Happy new week....thank you for your sweet comments you left me on my blog. xoxo

  7. Those needles look fab!


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