15 January 2013

nuno felt

I have eventually finished my first piece for this year, for the City and Guilds class. I made a set of felt accessories, including a pair of wristwarmers and a flower corsage. The inspiration for these items came from an annual flower from my garden last summer. It is a beautifully veined petunia......

A pretty flower but I looked up the "meaning" of it and it means anger and resentment!
My two pieces are made from nuno felt using dyed silk gauze as a ground.

I tried to make the flower corsage as similar to the petunia flower as possible.

I embellished both items with seed beads in various sizes.

Now just the paperwork to do and the accompanying book, better hop to it
Bye for now, ali.


  1. Beautiful Ali...love those curls nestling with the beads in the close up!
    Ali x

  2. Anonymous16/1/13 06:07

    Oooooh, I commend you...such beauty...well done, love your choice of colour and accessories...I am sooo proud of you Sweetie...

  3. Your corsage is beautiful Ali, such a brilliant burst of colour!

  4. Stunning colour! You nailed it. Who knew Petunia had such a meaning! Keep warm!

    Sarah -x-

  5. What lovely creations. You have a lovely blog. I am also from Belfast. Nicky

  6. Your petunia inspired makes are beautiful! You have captured the gorgeous colour and the effect of the petals so well.
    Lovely to find your blog, and thank you for visiting me.
    Have a cosy day!
    Helen x

  7. These felt pieces are gorgeous, and so delicate ... love the colour and the beading too :D

    Thank you for popping by at knitsofacto :)

  8. Beautiful work and I love to see the pics of your initial inspiration too!
    Hope you have a great week ahead,
    Susan x

  9. Gorgeous nuno :)
    The flower looks so delicate without being flimsy.


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