25 May 2013

coming up daisies

There were a lot of daisies growing through our grass, just got some photos taken before the grass was mowed.

I remember as a child going to the park, picking daisies and making daisy chains, which were then used as necklaces, bracelets and crowns.

This memory has inspired my latest pattern - a knitted daisy chain necklace. The weather was nice today so I was able to sit in the garden and knit.
Hopefully I'll have the pattern written up next week sometime.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Ali.


  1. What a lovely daisy post. Love to see how you made the knitted daisy.......xx

  2. Lovely photos Ali and your knitted daisy looks bloomin beautiful! I'm always on the look out for an authentic daisy pattern! How great to knit al fresco - about time too not been a good year year for it so far.
    Obviously a daisy day - there's some over on mine too!
    Ali x

  3. Anonymous26/5/13 00:48

    That brings back memories...our daisies here are yellow with black centres, we also have the same smaller white with yellow centres you have too though. But I can remember as a child sitting in a paddock of daisies and making daisy chain necklaces.

    1. just wondering do you call those black and yellow daisies - black eyed susans?

  4. Great post - I think I might try knitting that daisy chain now I'm at a loose end. Hurry up and get writing!
    Minnowburn was gorgeous, the photos were already there. I just had to press the button!


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