11 May 2013

log cabin

One of my treasured possessions is a quilt which my nanny made and gave to me. It must be sixty years old. It's in my favourite patchwork block, Log Cabin. Its a bit threadbare now and in need of a little tlc, I must take the time to do some repairs.

The blocks are a bit haphazard but for me that adds to it's charm. The back is as interesting as the front, made up of pieces of old tea towels and shirts. Comes from a definite make do and mend era.

Traditionally the middle block of the log cabin is red to represent, the hearth or the fire. The strips represent the logs used in the construction of the cabin. These strips are usually contrasting light and dark - the light ones being the side of the cabin with the windows and the dark strips being the solid side of the cabin. Here's a sample I did a few years ago...

I have been meaning to do a log cabin knit for a while and have just started one for my TV project. The pattern for my winter blankie is "Curve of Pursuit" from  Woolly Thoughts. They have a lot of mathematical/illusion type patterns to see their website click here.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone, Ali


  1. What a treasure your log cabin is Ali! I never knew that about the centre being red.
    Love the knitted one too, looking forward to seeing its progress.
    Happy weekend,
    V xxx

  2. Your quilt is beautiful. The back is wonderful. I bet it feels lovely. X

  3. Lucky you to own that heirloom. Maths not my strong point but your knitting looks good!

    1. Hi, not much good at maths myself...Im just following the pattern, Ali

  4. What a beautiful heirloom - I can just imagine its smooth well loved texture. Cool info about the workings of the log cabin design too.
    Love your mathematical knitting Ali - looks fab.
    Ali x


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