14 July 2013

plarn tutorial

Use fine supermarket grocery bags.

1.Tuck in sides of bag and smooth plastic.

2. Fold bag lengthwise.

3. Fold bag lengthwise again.

4. Snip off handles and fused edge at the base of the bag. Discard these pieces.

5. Cut the bag into 1 inch (2.5cms) strips, just measure by eye.

6. Unravel strips to form loops.

7. To join loops place Loop B under Loop A.

8. To knot the two loops. Lift up the end of Loop B which has just been placed under Loop A. Insert the other end of Loop B through the lifted up end. Keep Loop A taut.

9. Gentle tug both loops to form knot. Do not pull too hard or the plastic strips will tear.

10. Make knot smaller by easing it towards the centre with fingernails.

11. Size of knot.

12. Plarn can be either rolled into a ball or can be added to, as you go along. Just add more loops to the end loop.

Plarn takes a bit of getting used to, it is quite stiff to knit with, although there is a little stretch to it. It is slow to knit up.


  1. Clever! :)
    Don't let Tesco know though or they'll want more than 5p for them! ;)
    V xx

  2. Brilliant! Thank you for this - I'm going to give it a go! The lovely smoky grey Ocado bags might look tres chic... ;) Chrissie x

  3. Love the idea that you can add as you go along! As a bag lady I have quite a few stashed away!
    Ali x


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