14 July 2013


I have several projects on the go at the moment. Firstly, are the dreaded curtains, I hate this sort of sewing!

Then, I am crocheting a granny square blanket. I followed Bunny Mummy's Tutorial for this - click here. I'm turning the work after each round to avoid the blanket twisting. I am not a great crocheter and progress is very slow, it grows ever so slightly everyday, but is a very relaxing TV project.

I have also been meaning to experiment with different materials for knitting such as plastic, fabric, cord etc. So I've started off with making my own plarn or plastic yarn (see tutorial below). Supermarket bags now cost 5p in Northern Ireland, so thought I better hurry experimenting with plarn, before the plastic bag becomes totally extinct.
To follow up the plarn tutorial, I'm in the process of writing up a knitting pattern using the plarn. There seems to be lot of crochet patterns on the net, but few knitting patterns especially using dpns. It will only be a small project, suitable   for anyone looking for an introduction to knitting with plarn. Hoping to post that next week sometime. 
Bye for now, Ali.



  1. Oh I'm with you on the curtains, I hate those sort of projects!
    V xxx

  2. OOOh so great to see your crochet granny Ali. Brill colours and an excellent tv pastime!
    Fab plarn project too - always fancied having a go - I can feel a small carrier creation coming on!
    Looking forward to seeing your pattern
    Ali x

  3. Your carrier weaving looks interesting - I saw on an american blog that someone had woven a porch screen out of them. Talk about recycling! xCathy


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