21 September 2013

witches brew tea cosy

St Georges market are running the tea cosy competition again this year in conjunction with AgeNI.
I decided to go Halloweenie this year. So meet Edna......

All the tea cosies will be on show next Sunday 29th, when they will be sold, proceeds going to AgeNI. So, looking forward to seeing all the other cosies. I did jot some notes down as I was knitting her, so I'll maybe write up the pattern sometime, although it won't be for this Halloween.
Have a great weekend, everyone, Ali


  1. OMG! That has to be the absolute best tea cosy ever! You are so clever! That has First Prize written all over it. I love Halloween, I wish I could bid on it! Chrissie x

  2. Brilliant Ali! Her hat is amazing! That has to win!! :)
    V xxx

  3. Wow Ali you certainly have brewed up a wizard of a teacosy...it should cast a spell on the judges..the others will be green with envy! I wander whos brew will be kept scalding when it is sold!
    Looking forward to hearing all about the weekend!
    Keep up your magical makes!
    Ali x

  4. I can't believe how amazing that is. How on earth do you start to make something like that? X

  5. Yes, how do you do that?! Brilliant piece of work.

  6. cor , that is so clever! love the name too :o)

  7. With Halloween just around the corner (my favourite time of year) this is just great.............Halloween and tea, what a great combo :)


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