29 September 2013

tea cosy day

It was tea cosy day in St Georges Market today. I couldn't wait to get down and see all the other cosies. There was a great selection......

Mine is in the back row. Here's a few which I particularly liked.....

"Beautiful Battenburg"
Nuala won three categories including Best Knitted
"Cottage Garden"
My "Witches Brew" cosy won the category for the "Peoples Choice" - Everyone voted for their favourite cosy - so I was well chuffed with that.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend and back to porridge tomorrow as the saying goes, Ali.


  1. Well done Ali, the people's choice is the one to win! Judges....pah!!
    V x

  2. Hooray for you! People's Choice is the *best*!!! Did you get to bring her home? Chrissie x

  3. Congratulations - to the people's popular prize person! Tea-mendous amongst strong competition! You bagged a great award! Well done
    Ali x

  4. Well done Alison, that's the best category to win

  5. Well done, love your witches cosy :) xx

  6. Anonymous29/9/13 23:45

    Well done! Congrats, not surprised, you deserved it Sweetie...

  7. Congratulations! I thought your tea cosy was brilliant.

  8. love the witchy tea cosy, really is very clever and fun to use over the next couple of weeks.
    Well done.


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