6 October 2013

all day breakfast

I have just recently finished my latest knitting pattern. It is another knitted food pattern - what else!
Has all the items for a good hearty breakfast and I must confess to feeling very hungry as I was writing it up, despite the fact I haven't eaten a slice of bacon or a sausage for over thirty years now.

As you can see the pattern includes instructions for the fried egg, slices of streaky bacon, pork sausages, mushrooms, baked beans, slice of toast and a dollop of sauce. Here's a few close ups of some of the items

Some of the items are knitted flat with two needles and some are knitted in the round with dpns. The pattern is for sale in my etsy shop and my Ravelry store.
I have ditched the knitting needles for now and have been attempting some hand embroidery , so I'll be on later with photos of my latest project.
Hope you are all enjoying the weekend, Ali.


  1. Anonymous6/10/13 23:54

    Well done Ali, Proud of you.

  2. Love it! Very humorous, though not so sure of the beans, but then I hate beans. It looks really good.

  3. cor thats really good! i especially love the mushrooms :o)

  4. This is fantastic! I crochet all sorts of foodstuffs, nice to see the knitting world is just as bonkers... ;-) Chrissie x

  5. That's so good! I love the mushrooms too. Looking forward to seeing some of your embroidery next.

  6. You're a busy one Ali. These are brill loopy one.

  7. Wow Ali - what a fabulous fortifying feast for not forks but needles!
    Keep up the great stuff!
    Ali x


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