2 December 2013


We took a quick whizz up to Londonderry, for the final night of the Luminere festival of lights. I had seen pictures on the news but it was even more  spectacular in real life. First thing we saw were the massive inflated coloured cones.

Crossing over the Peace Bridge was the installation "The Travellers". Illuminated men made out of what looked like chicken wire. They were dotted and suspended at various points along the bridge.

The neon balloon dogs made me smile.

There were many other installations, dotted round the city but my wee camera struggled with the darkness.

Have a great week everyone, the sparks will be flying off the knitting needles as I try to complete some Christmas gifts.


  1. Great photos Ali! It looked amazing!
    Happy knitting,
    V xxx

  2. I wanted to go to this but couldn't! It looks fantastic. I am sure there was a good atmosphere in the city.

  3. Anonymous3/12/13 09:06

    "Sparks off the needles" LOL Love that sense of humour...LOL

  4. Wow what fabulous illuminations - how great to get to see them! The dogs are a great idea and the cones look fab! The travellers look very tranquil soaring or gliding above the water.
    Thinking of you as your sparks fly - I'lll be creating steam from my hook!
    Ali x

  5. it looks beautiful, we have a light festival in Durham too but I have never managed to visit yet, hopefully next year. :)

  6. I was there last Friday evening. It was lovely. Ali, it sounds like you're creating your own little light show with the sparks flying off your needles!


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