7 December 2013

sock saga

I have always have a mental block as regards sock knitting. Recently, a friend of mine explained the different methods of constructing a heel and so after carefully choosing a pattern, I have decided to take the plunge. The pattern I chose after wading through all the sock patterns on Ravelry, was Cat Bordhis's Hidden Treasure Pocket Socks (click here) with what she calls her Sweet Tomato Heel. It has to be said the pattern is superb ...concisely written with links to videos on her site. I have had two false starts, the first sock was too large for my narrow foot and the second too small for my large heel.

The third attempt fits my strangely shaped foot and I am now on to my second sock. I am using Lang Jawoll Magic yarn, which knits up lovely.

The idea was to knit a pair for myself to get to grips with the pattern and then knit up some for Christmas gifts. However progress has been so slow, I will have to see how time goes. Are you knitting up any Christmas gifts at the moment?
Bye for now, Ali.


  1. Well done Ali on getting to the second sock, I've never finished a pair yet!!! I really don't think it's for me!
    I have to say yours look very cosy.
    V xxx

  2. Hi Ali, well done you. I have knitted 2 pairs of socks and had intended to knit some for Christmas (I didn't). The first pair were knitted about 5 times, I kept misreading the instructions for the heel. On both pairs the toe shaping was far too long and pointy and I had to make it up. I bought some lovely merino wool in NZ to knit stripey socks for my husband, as yet unknit. I am told ravelry is good, I have bought sock wool in Jean's Wool Shop, Cregagh Road, Belfast, they have a mouthwatering selection of sock wool.

  3. PJFizzyKnits8/12/13 17:49

    Good job on the socks, Ali! I started knitting mini ornament stockings, thinking that would help me make "real" socks. Somehow, I got lost. I tried "house stockings" which are knit with really thick yarn, but they were so big, all the elastic in the world wouldn't have held them up. My sock yarn stash (which is by comparison not so big) has been redesignated to knitting lace scarves. I've heard that once you wear handknit socks, you won't ever buy them again, and I hope to someday be in that place! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Sorry I cant reply to you directly as you are a "no reply blogger". Lets just say the socks aren't finished....Im not a great fan of 4 ply wool....much prefer dk. Maybe someday youll have a go...the pattern I used I thought was really good....if you like short rows that is!

  4. Wow Ali -I'm so impressed with your sock - looks really soft and impressively complicated! Hope you have a matching pair soon!!
    Ali x

  5. Love your sock missus! ��❄️����

  6. Your socks are looking lovely Ali and the yarn is beautiful!...
    Happy Thursday!
    Susan x
    P.S I love the colour too!


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