13 April 2014

blossom easter tree

Thought I would share my blossom tree idea, which could be decorated and used for an Easter decoration.

It only requires minimal sewing, or if you prefer no sewing at all, as you can use a glue gun instead. The blossoms are simply fabric pompoms and I got to use my new gadget by Knitpro for the first time. 

If you are unsure about making pompoms have a look on youtube for a tutorial.
A pompom making gadget can be used or alternatively circles of card. For a tutorial using cardboard circles click here


fine pink fabric for blossoms (I used polyester chiffon, but an light fabric will do   even dress lining)
green fabric for leaves (I used organza)
baking parchment
pompom making gadget or card
green embroidery floss
sewing thread and needle or glue gun
easter decorations (optional)


My plastic circle was 3.5cms/1.5ins at the widest point.
Cut strips of the pink fabric, approximately 2cms/0.75ins wide. This is easier if you fold the fabric in a concertina way before cutting.

Wrap the fabric as you would for an ordinary yarn pompom, twisting the strips, making them thinner as you wind round the circle. 

Cut the fabric strips by inserting the scissors between the plastic or card circles, to form the pompom

The pompom is tied twice. Insert the green embroidery floss between the two circles. Tie the pompom round the middle, pulling very tight before knotting. The ends of the floss form the stamens of the blossom. Cut a longer piece and tie again. Knot at the opposite side this time and these longer ends will be used later to tie the blossom to the twig.

Remove the card or plastic rings and trim pompom cutting off any stray ends of fabric. Push into shape.
Separate the threads of the floss for the stamens and fluff threads up a bit.
Tie blossoms to twig with the longer floss ends.

Bondaweb two pieces of organza together, not forgetting to sandwich the fabric between two pieces of baking parchment before ironing.

Fold fabric in half and cut out in a leaf shape. make sure the base of the leaf is approximately 3cms/1.25ins wide or wide enough to wrap round twig.

To attach leaf to twig, wrap the base of the leaf around the twig and sew a few stitches through the two leaf layers to hold in place. Alternatively use a glue gun to hold the base of the leaf in place.

Place twigs in a vase.
Display as a floral arrangement or add a few Easter decorations to make into an Easter tree.

Have a great week, Ali.


  1. I'd love to make some of these, thank you for sharing. It looks so pretty, it never occurred to me to make pom poms with fabric xx

  2. So pretty Ali, what a great idea !! :)
    V xxx

  3. That looks fabulous. Those pom pom making gadgets are great, I remember using cardboard as a child, but I can't even seem to make that work anymore. I bought some packets of ready made pom poms recently, how bad is that?

  4. That's very creative Ali, especially the leaves and your colours are fab ,love it. X

  5. Blooming beautiful blossom Ali!
    Great ideas and such fab colours!
    Ali x

  6. Such a fabulous idea Ali and so pretty!...x
    Happy Easter to you and yours,
    Susan x


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