16 June 2014

shawl update

Well I eventually finished the shawl. I used German short rows and Grandmothers Favourite Bind off, again. The same techniques I used for my previous Wingspan project. It was such a lovely day today I took the opportunity to take some photos in the back garden.

I do wish I had someone who could model my knits, but unfortunately you will have to make do with me.

The garden was bathed in sunlight and the geraniums were just lit up in the sun.....beautiful.

I spent most of the day in a shady spot doing some hand sewing, my favourite - Suffolk puffs.

Supposed to be a nice week, so I'll be spending it outside and forgetting about the massive ironing pile and all those other chores.
Till next time, Ali.


  1. A very pretty shawl and you look good modelling it, I always wish I had models for my makes too especially the baby ones. Love your Suffolk puffs what are you going to do with them? yes forget about the dreaded housework and enjoy the sun while it lasts, we are still waiting to see some! have a great day :)

  2. Gorgeous shawl Ali, beautifully modelled I might add! :)
    Lovely photos too, I know just how lovely that weather was, like you I spent my crafting time outside, except in full sun, I do love it!
    V x

  3. beautiful day today, and I am heading to work. :(
    lovely shawl and beautifully modelled!
    I have always loved Suffolk punches, look forward to watching their progress

  4. That's really lovely :)

  5. Such a beautiful shawl and beautifully modelled too. I think the colour compliments your geraniums. Definitely make the most of the weather, we never know how long it's going to last.

  6. Fantastic shawl Ali - love the colours and details! Cool modeling too!
    Glad you've been crafting al fresco - its great isn't it - especially in a shady spot!
    Looking forward to many more sun shiny projects!
    Ali x


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