1 July 2014

charity makes

Just wanted to spread the word about a very worthwhile project, which I came to know about by reading Ali's Random Wooliness blog. The charity is Knitted Knockers UK, who are committed to providing prostheses to all women who request one. The breasts are knitted from 100% cotton yarn and they are often preferred to the heavier silicone ones, which sometimes cause heat rash. For more information and patterns, visit their website, click here. You will find crochet patterns and knitting patterns (both for flat knitting and dpns).
I have also been busy sewing and knitting things for a craft stall for a charity coffee morning. The hairband is one of the things I made. Teddy is modelling it for a reason, as one of the charities was Spud Bears Ministry. Part of the charities work is to send out pre-loved bears to Africa and every child who is in a hospital or orphanage run by the charity, is given a bear to keep. 
All out of projects now to keep me occupied, Ill have to think of a new one.
Still plenty of housework mind you!
Till next time, Ali.


  1. Awe forget about the housework Ali much more fun things to do than that! ;)
    Great charities!

  2. The Knitted Knockers is such a worthwhile charity. I'm sure a knitted one would be much more comfy than silicone.
    Jacqui x

  3. Wow Ali you have been busy again! Great knocker!
    Fab to find out about the Spud Bears too!
    My housework is taking even more of a back seat...footy, tennis, getting out into the sunny garden...not to mention anything woolly...
    Hope you find some more fun to distract you!
    Ali x

  4. Such worthwhile charities. I'm sure they'll be very pleased with the support you're showing them.

  5. I made a set of those too! Mine are still sitting here, however. I need to find a local charity that might accept them. They were surprisingly easy to make.

  6. Just to let you know that I've nominated you for a blog hop over on my blog.

  7. love your knockers!!! I have two relatives/friends recently undergone mastectomies so a very worthwhile cause, love the bear too. As regards housework, my mother used to say only boring women had clean/tidy houses !

  8. Wonderful makes for such very worthy charities, Ali!
    Hope you have a great Tuesday!
    Susan x


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