10 April 2015

i-cord ideas

Now that I have mastered the knitting mill (see previous post, click here) I've been having a think about what I can use the knitted cord for, so I've listed a few ideas.

1. Use it to write with and make words and names.....

2. Faye came up with the idea to knit cords and use them for hair ribbons which could be knitted in school or team colours......very pretty.

3. Shoe laces.

photo courtesy of fluff and fuzz

4. The edging of a garment.


this idea came from Hattie My Loves blog click here.

5. Jewellery, what about a necklace or bracelet.....

found on indulgy by Ophelia click here.

6. Bowl, many years ago I did pottery at school and we made coil pots from sausages of clay. A woolly bowl cold be made in a similar way by stitching the i-cord together. The stitches could be made into a design feature.

 photo from the booklet "French Knitting" by Heather Kingsley-Heath.

7. Upturn the bowl and it becomes a hat.

8. Helen who writes Midget Gem Quilt blog came up with some great ideas....carpets for dolls houses, small coasters for wine glasses and cords for reading glasses.

Anyone else with any ideas I would love to hear them.

I use i-cord a lot in my patterns.....have a look at the Daisy Brooch, Shamrock, Mistletoe or Daisy Chain Necklace.

Till next time, Ali.


  1. I remember making the coil pots in school too Ali, I think the yarn ones are prettier.
    I love the iCord in the boots! :)
    Happy weekend,
    V x

  2. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Helen has come up with another idea.... I found a book full of spool knit animals. Will send you a link by email!

  4. I like that coloured bowl, much prettier than the clay ones which I remember making in school too. Lots of great ideas there.

  5. So many great ideas. I so want one of those machines

  6. OOOh fab ideas Ali - such a versatile woolly form.....
    Ali x


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