18 April 2015

knitted cuffs

I spend a lot of time browsing the patterns on Ravelry. My problem being I want to favourite them all, with the result my to do list seems to get longer and longer. One such pattern which I knew I just had to knit was the Handschmeichler or Hand Charmer by Claudia Höll-Wellman. It is available free both in German and an English translation, click here. When I saw it on Ravelry I couldn't work out how it was constructed but in fact it is multiple knitted buttonholes. The end result looks so organic like tree branches or seaweed.
Here's some photos of my finished project......

My pattern notes are on my Ravelry page, click here. Unfortunately or rather fortunately it is too warm to wear them at the moment, but they can wait till the Autumn. I am now, a dab hand at knitted buttonholes and I couldn't have mastered the technique without the video on knitting help.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Ali.


  1. These cuffs are absolutely gorgeous. Love the colours !
    Jacqui x

  2. very very nice. I love they way you can wear them any direction or folded back . ~Very cavalier like

  3. They look great Ali both over the hand and turned back! Lovely as they are though I do hope you don't need them until October! ;)
    V x

  4. OOh Ali they are beautiful - such wonderful sumptuous jewel like colours and they so look so organic...amazing!
    Ali x

  5. They're lovely and such beautiful colours too.


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