20 July 2016

yo-yo gadget

I'm a big fan of Suffolk puffs, some people think they are a bit twee, but I love them. I also collect gadgets and when I saw the yo-yo makers, by Clover, I just had to give them a go.

I tried the simple circular one first and after wading through the instructions, it worked well for me. The flower shape yo-yo maker was a bit harder. Here's a few photos of the process of making the flower one.

I got a bit confused by the central stitching part, but after sussing that out and on my second attempt, I did make something which resembled a five petaled flower.

 Now, will I use the gadgets again or will they languish in the cupboard? The circular makers were good and quick, once I got the hang of them. They would only be viable if you were making a large number, though. Not so sure about the flower one as it was a bit fiddly.

Till next time, Ali.


  1. haha, I have them too Ali but alas mine ARE languishing in a cupboard somewhere but I always think that one day they will make an appearance again.

  2. and there was me thinking, this is something I don't have. Maybe I won't be rushing out to get some!


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