3 February 2014

paint and stitch

Maybe its the gloom of winter affecting my state of mind, but I headed out to the garden to take photos of snowdrops, spring bulbs etc and was drawn to the withered foliage of last summers plants. Needless to say they have all been left by the lazy gardener (me) who never got round to tidying them away.
Some Shasta daisy heads, Japanese anemones, lavender and some unknown perennial. I thought they looked quite beautiful.

Feeling a little artistic, I tried to catch the last of the daylight to do a quick watercolour of the Japanese anemone.
...hardly a masterpiece but so much fun nevertheless.
I haven't done much free machining recently so thought this piece of Basil would lend itself nicely to some stitching.
Firstly, I drew a sketch outline with a water erasable marker on heavy weight
bonded curtain lining which is firm enough to avoid using a hoop. I then stitched with brown and then black thread. The background colour was added after sewing with a very wet brush and some colour from the Koh-I-Noor palatte. The watery paint also removed the original guide marks. 

Bye for now, Ali.


  1. That is beautiful Ali, painting and stitching, you've definitely been inspired!
    V xxx

  2. This is lovely , looks so delicate

  3. Oh my gosh, this is a beautiful piece of work! I love the process behind it, thank you for sharing!!! Please consider linking it to my Stitching Sundays post? Chrissie xxx

  4. OOh how fab Ali - I love those moments when you happen across something unexpected that inspires you - great watercolour, fab shadows and amazing stitched basil - love the stark simplicity of your piece (though know just as much work must go into a simple image as a more complicated one!)
    Looking forward to seeing some more spontaneous sewing!
    Ali x

  5. Lovely to see your work and how the natural forms have inspired you......it all looks beautiful.
    Helen x

  6. Ali, this work is beautiful. Your photos are amazing too. I wouldn't have the first clue how to do that. Xx

  7. Beautiful painting and stitching Ali...very inspiring indeed!
    Susan x

  8. Dear Ali
    This is really delicate and beautiful. Congratulations.
    Best wishes


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