28 February 2014

yarn end bowl

This wee bowl is made up of yarn ends from a previous knitting project. It's easy quick and good fun to make. I have mine sitting on my beside table and I'm using it to keep small pieces of jewellery in.


small pieces of yarn or thread
water soluble fabric (heavy weight such as "Romeo") - 2 pieces larger than embroidery hoop
cling film
embroidery hoop
sewing thread
sewing machine

Place one piece of water soluble fabric over one ring of the hoop, Arrange yarn / threads on top. There is a particular type of water soluble called "aquabond"which is sticky on one side and this makes the arrangement of yarn etc much easier. Scraps of organza, fabric and nets could also be used in the arrangement. Make sure the central area is well covered as this will be the base of the bowl.

Then place the second layer of water soluble on top to form a sandwich and place inside hoop, making sure it is taut.

Free machine over all the yarns making sure that stitching is dense enough to cover all of the yarns. Any yarn not caught by stitching will fall off one the water soluble fabric is removed. I used a circular design for free machining. 

Remove work from hoop and then to dissolve rinse under tepid water. Keep rinsing, removing as much of the water soluble as possible.
The stitched yarn ends will be sticky enough to mould into shape. Put cling film over a bowl or glass before moulding the work on top. Rearrange the stray edges as necessary.
 Leave to dry and then remove from bowl.

Till next time, Ali.


  1. Oh Wow Ali - your bowl is awesome! What a fantastic idea...love the texture and the shape and the colours and the stitching....
    Cool varifocals too!!
    Ali x

  2. How clever, that's a brilliant idea Ali and the result looks great! :)
    V xxx

  3. How clever Ali...it's so unique and pretty...love all the shades of yarn mixed together too!...:-)
    Happy Weekend!
    Susan x

  4. That's really clever and so pretty. What a great idea. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, and also for the pattern for the Big Knit hat.

  5. The bowl is gorgeous, Ali. Are you in a creative mood?

  6. This is lovely! Have just found you through Jacqui and am looking forward to mooching through your other posts x Jane


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