3 March 2014

new easter pattern

Just a quick post to say that I have released a new Easter knitting pattern - Babs and Bobby Bunny crème egg cover. I love these crème egg covers, they make great wee Easter gifts and can be used for Easter egg hunts. I have a two other free ones on my blog, but this one is for sale on my etsy shop or on my Ravelry page.

The bunnies are knitted with dpns, except for the tail and ears which are knitted flat on two needles.

It has to be said that no crème eggs were harmed in the making of this pattern ....ok its a fib.......maybe just one or two!

Bye for now, Ali.


  1. Gorgeous Ali....so cute!!!
    Oh I do love a Creme Egg! :)
    V xxx

  2. Anonymous4/3/14 06:26

    So cute !!

  3. Awww, they are so cute and fluffy. I'm trying my best not to give in to temptation and buy Creme Eggs, I'm trying to lose some weight.

  4. these are lovely, and what makes them lovely are the fluffy tails

  5. Ooh Ali - Love your eggsiting bonny bunnies! They look sooo soft and the tails are just fab!
    I am partial to the odd creme egg (however I do think they are increasingly smaller - or is it just my appetite and fingers getting bigger!)
    Eggsellent idea!
    Ali x

  6. These bunnies are really cute! Such a sweet Easter gift idea.
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xx

  7. The bunnies look good enough to eat.

  8. Brilliant! I love the styling in your photos too.

  9. Creme egg covers, that might be the most brilliant thing I have ever heard of! (Oooo, creme egg and a cup of tea - I might have to pop to the shop!) These remind me just a little bit of the poodle soap covers my nan used to crochet by the dozen, but with a modern twist, they are lovely.


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