18 March 2014

passion for purple

Yesterday turned out to be a sortoff purple day.....

I started the day off with purple porridge. This is a favourite of mine, porridge sweetened with Ikea's blueberry jam and topped with a few blueberries mmmmh!

Then I headed out wearing my new purple boots, bought in the Christmas sale. These Gola boots are one of Liberty's collaborations and are made with a beautiful burgundy Liberty Art fabric - Petal and Bud.

The day was complete when I knitted a wee bit more of my latest purple scarf. The yarn is a very nice Louisa Harding self striping one - Amitola and the shade is "Berries". The pattern is one I have been wanting to have a go at for a while, it's called "Wingspan" and for more details click here.
Bye for now, Ali.


  1. You did indeed have a purple day Ali!!
    Your scarf is lovely and wow to the boots!!! Must try that jam. :)
    V xxx

  2. I have to buy some of the IKEA blueberry jam and try the purple porridge Ali :-)
    I do love the boots and your scarf is looking lovely too,
    Happy Tuesday!
    Susan x

  3. when I am old, I will wear purple was I believe written for me. So, I love the porridge, the boots with the Liberty (OH how I love Liberty) and I love Louisa Harding too.

  4. Perfect purpleness Ali! Love the scarf..and what awesome boots!
    Ali x

  5. Anonymous19/3/14 23:31

    Your Wingspan is off to a great start.

  6. Do you know the poem, When I am old I shall wear purple? I say why wait until we're old? Mmmm, blueberry jam.


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