29 November 2009

13 today

My son celebrated his thirteenth birthday yesterday. I must say I'm envious of him, with his life stretching ahead. Wouldn't it be nice to be thirteen again with what I know now....theres a wee saying - youth is wasted on the young!!!!!

As for knitting etc...I'm working on some items for a charity Christmas coffee morning next Saturday. I used Julies pattern on her Little Cotton Rabbits blog to knit some mini Christmas tree bears. Some of mine look like koalas though!

Take care, Ali.

12 November 2009

a stitch in time

I hardly have much time these days, with the City and Guilds course....I have been neglecting the housework and my blog. The course is very intense, but challenging. Last week we learnt about American blocks and for our "homework" had to produce 4 blocks. Heres one - Card Trick.....

.....the colour choice was inspired by my sons Juggling balls which I had to dig out of the bottom of the toy box.