28 July 2010


Most of my knits are sweet and sugary and some people might even describe them as twee. For a bit of a change I knitted this fun project which I found on etsy - squashed rat bookmark, by Kookla Creations. I thought it would appeal to my son who isnt really into cupcakes!!!!
Bye, Ali

26 July 2010


Along the dual carriageway close to our house there are the usual formally planted flowerbeds - but this time of year the hedge along it is covered in the most beautiful pink roses. So couldnt resist the temptation to cut a few to bring home.

.......and then of course there is the knitted variety - this pattern is a freebie on my blog. You could knit a few and attach stems to make a bouquet, or in this case attach a brooch back.

19 July 2010

wet weekend

All plans of a picnic were shelved when it turned out a wee bit damp on Sunday. So we headed down to Mauds Cafe in Newcastle for a piece of chocolate cake and a coffee.
Across the road from Mauds, along the Main Street there is a new bead shop which has opened. There is an exciting array of beads....so many lovely ones I couldnt decide. So if you find yourself in Newcastle have a look in Sugar Island.
Bye, Ali

16 July 2010

mmmmmmmh donuts

I had all these wonderful plans of what I was going to do when the C&G course finished. I even made a list ....curtain making, decorating the hall, cleaning etc etc and here I am knitting away. I have a few patterns which I've scribbled down on scrap paper and would like to type up. I'm onto my latest one....donuts
I feel a sugar binge coming on, Ali

6 July 2010

snowman cosy pattern

I have completed my Snowman tea cosy pattern and it is for sell in both my etsy shop and my folksy shop. Here he is....
I thought his hat could be knitted to match your tea set. Or in football team colours or even school colours.

Id just like to say a big thank you to Eddy G, Olive 2 and Scarlettdahling from Ravelry for test knitting the pattern. Many thanks for giving up your time and lending me your skill and expertise.
Bye, Ali

3 July 2010

holiday reading

Most people bring a good novel on holiday, but for me I always bring a ball of wool and some knitting needles. Im doing a job lot of knitted roses. We found a wee quiet spot just outside Portrush for a picnic and some knitting.

In the evening after a walk along the beach at White Rocks I stopped to take a few photos as the sun went down.
Bye for now, Ali