17 May 2015

crochet butterfly

In my last post I showed photos of my half granny shawl, which I made for the SIBOL challenge. Each shawl or blanket sent to the Homes is decorated with a butterfly, so I wanted to include some with my finished shawl. I had a look on the Internet and found one I liked, on You Tube ....a tutorial by Yolanda Soto Lopez, click here
I had to watch it over and over again and I wrote down the pattern as I find it easier to follow written instructions. The video uses US crochet terms but I have translated it into UK terminology.

Crochet Butterfly 
based on a video tutorial by Yolanda Soto Lopez click here 
uses UK crochet terminology

rd: round
rpt: repeat
st(s): stitch(es)
sl: slip
ch: chain
dc: double crochet
tr: treble

dk/8ply yarn - two contrasting colours
4.00mm hook 

Make a magic circle with yarn and sl st into circle. 

Rd 1: 3ch, (1tr, 1ch) rpt 14 times. 
(3ch, 15tr  1ch in between) 
To join the rd, sl st into 2nd ch of the third ch in rd 1.
Pull magic loop tight with the yarn end.

Rd 2: (3ch, 1dc into space between trebles in rd 1,
          7ch, 1dc into space between trebles in rd 1).
Rpt all the way round ending with a 7ch.
To join the rd, sl st into 1st ch of the 3ch in rd 2.
(eight 3ch loops and eight 7ch loops)

Rd 3: sl st into three ch loop in rd 2 ,
Inside seven ch loop, sl st, 5tr, 3ch, sl st into fourth ch from end (forms point on wing), 5tr.

Rpt all the way round.
Sl st to join the rd, (8 points).

Fasten off.         
Darn yarn ends away and fold in half to form butterfly shape.

Using a contrasting yarn, ch 8.
Wrap round middle of wings, sl st into first chain.

Pull loop through and cut yarn.
Using the loop and two ends tie knot twice to form head.
Trim two ends to form antennae and loose the other two ends.

If you want to have a go at one of the butterflies, it might be useful to use both the written instruction and the video.

 Have a great week, Ali.

9 May 2015

granny shawl

Just for a wee bit of a change I thought I would do some crocheting. While having a look around the Internet one night, I discovered the SIBOL Challenge which involves making blankets for the elderly in Nursing and Care homes. For more info about the Challenge, click here. I'm not fond of very large projects as I become easily bored, so was glad to see that they were looking for shawls as well as blankets. I used the Original Half Granny Square Shawl pattern, by Ambar Enid Alcal, which is available free, click here. As I can crochet Granny squares, just about, I thought this would be an ideal pattern for me. Just finished the double cochet border today and darned away all the yarn ends, and here is my attempt......

I like the thought of my shawl bringing some comfort and warmth to an elderly lady and I hope to make a few more in the future.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Ali.