31 August 2012

innocent drinks big knit

Ive been meaning to knit up some of these wee hats for the Innocent Big Knit for a while. Using Juliet Bernard's pattern as a guide I knitted a few up using dpns.

Juliet Bernard's patterns are available on Ravelry and also on the Innocent site. I'm hoping to knit a few more as the deadline is the first of October. For every bottle of Innocent drinks, wearing a woolly hat sold, 25p goes to Age UK, to help older people keep warm over the winter.
I've also written a pattern up, a hat with a brim - see the post below. It is knitted in the round and the only sewing is round the brim.

Hope someone can make use of the pattern.
Bye, Ali.

4 dpns size 3.25mm
scraps of double knit yarn
sequins, beads for decoration (optional) 

k : knit
p : purl
rd(s) : round(s)
st(s) : stitch(es)
rpt : repeat
yrn : yarn round needle
tog : together
pwt : pull wool through
Cast on 56 sts – leave a long yarn tail.
Divide  between three needles and join in the rd.
Rd 1 : k.
Rd 2 : k.
Rd 3 : (yrn, k2tog) rpt to end of rd.
Rd 4 : k.
Rd 5 : k.
Rd 6 : k.
Rd 7 : (k2tog) rpt to end of rd  (28 sts).
Rd 8 : p.
Next 10 rds : k.
Rd 19 : (k5, k2tog) rpt to end of rd  (24 sts).
Rd 20 : k.
Rd 21 : (k4, k2tog) rpt to end of rd  (20 sts).
Rd 22 : k.
Rd 23 : (k3, k2tog) rpt to end of rd   (16 sts).

To form brim - fold cast on edge inwards to reverse side. Using yarn tail sew along cast on edge.

Weave other yarn end away.
Decorate with beads, sequins etc (optional)

copyright Alison Hogg 2012

25 August 2012

ulster fry

Saw a tea cosy competition at St Georges Market, Belfast, advertised and thought I would have a go.
I wanted to make something with a local interest, so took my inspiration from the good aul Ulster Fry.
The top of cosy is supposed to resemble a plate with all the fried items, including potato farl and soda bread, Northern Ireland delicacies. Entries have to be submitted by the end of the month so there is still time to enter. All the cosies will be on show on Sunday 16th September and are being sold for Help the Aged charity.

and here's the finished cosy.......


Bye for now, Ali

19 August 2012

yarn bombing

I heard about the guerrilla knitters had hit Newcastle, County Down and had to go see for myself. I hadn't realised this craze had reached Northern Ireland.
It was a very grey morning in Newcastle today but the knits certainly brightened up the Promenade and my day........

Seemingly the artists belong to the group S.O.C.K (Secret Outside Crocheters and Knitters).
This is the second time the group have targeted Newcastle, this time it coincides with the towns Arts Festival.
Bye, Ali.

7 August 2012


All craft work has ground to a halt lately. Im channelling all available energy into painting the bedroom. I have a great pair of wooden step ladders which belonged to my grandad. I suppose they would be described as vintage and have many layers of drips and splashes on them.

Thankfully I've nearly finished. Cant wait to swap the brushes and rollers for knitting needles.
Bye, Ali.